St. James Anglican Church Hall Rental Regulations

Regulations Applicable to Rental/Use of the kitchen

Note: The kitchen does not automatically come with the rental of any other room in the Church Hall. It is not available to User unless it has been specifically rented at the time of booking other room(s).

  • We do not have any catering services available in our Church. User will be referred to a caterer who is acceptable to the Church Hall Committee.

  • It is a condition of the use of the kitchen facilities that User be familiar with the use and operation of all the kitchen appliances. It is recommended that the User meet with a representative of the Church Hall Committee prior to the commencement of its function to obtain instructions on how to use kitchen appliances particularly the dishwasher.

  • User shall ensure that all kitchen appliances are turned off prior to vacating the premises. User will be responsible for any and all damage to the kitchen, kitchen appliances, dishes and utensils, etc., and any portion of the Church Hall premises, that results from User's use of the kitchen.

  • User shall leave the kitchen in a clean and tidy state, with everything put back in its place. (Used dish towels are to be left bundled on the kitchen counter to be cleaned by the Church Hall Committee).

  • User shall ensure that all waste by User is placed in garbage bags, supplied by User, and User is to take all waste (garbage) with them.

General Regulations

  • Church Hall Sound System and/or any computer systems in the rooms must not be turned on or tampered with.

  • Access to hall for any decorating prior to your rental, unless you have rented the hall for two days, will depend on the availability. Must be discussed and arranged at least one week ahead of rental, if available.

  • Funeral receptions: The Church Hall will be available for receptions following funeral service in the Church subject to availability. Parish catering is not available. Outside caterers may be brought in for funeral receptions according the arrangements worked out with the Church Hall Committee.

Rental Fees

Breading Hall (Gym)
Townsend Room
Use of Kitchen



Time Periods are defined as follows:

Half Day
8:00 am - 12:00 noon
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Damage Deposit

Damage deposit is $150.00 and paid as a separate cheque, to be returned as stated in contact if no damage occurs.

Parish Office Hours

Monday to Friday - 9:30 am to noon daily